65 min / 1 F 1 M

A contemporary remapping of the Faust legend, combining elements of Marlowe’s text, Czech marionette theater, and Jan Svankmejer’s 1994 film Faust. Part revenge tragedy, part diabolically comic black magic ritual, sixsixsixis a taut, menacing, metaphysical thriller.

... a wickedly cunning take on Faust, crackling with energy, spark, and wit… absolutely must-see territory - a brilliant fever-dream ...
— Russ Marshalek, Flavorpill (Editor’s Pick)
...staged in an abandoned warehouse off the beaten path in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, this frightening and fascinating experience will make you feel like you’ve been missing something even if you’re a regular devotee of downtown independent theater… sixsixsix speaks to a contemporary audience with bawdy, dark humor and twisted action... I left wishing I had the chance to see more daring and thrilling theater such as this.
— Richard Hinojosa, NY Theatre