gregory s moss
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(90 minutes; 2 F, 3 M)

La Brea is the story of siblings Leah and her aspiring actor brother Steven, two Massholes trying to survive in the Hollywood vortex of strip malls and Scientologists, and squaring off with each other over how the other one ought to live.


Part examination of siblinghood's queasier side, part rueful meditation on fleeting time, part Hollywood satire... Moss's exquisite dialogue and imaginative flights more than carry you through. (The production's rendition of the forgotten cinematic genre of "farm noir" is bizarre brilliance.) La Brea leaves its characters, and us, to ponder the difficult lesson of the swamps: How to escape fossilizing in regrets; how to imagine a future without obliterating the past.

Jacob Gallagher-Ross, The Village Voice

La Brea is consistently funny and engaging wherever it alights, its humor biting and its ruminations shrewd...

Time Out New York (4/5 stars)

Delightfully hilarious, certainly bizarre, and not without discomfort or darkness, it explores a rocky but loving sibling relationship (and a lot of other things too) the heart of La Brea is a touching, nuanced relationship between a brother and sister, which is explored and revealed both lovingly and painfully.

Julia Hochner, New York Theatre Review

La Brea offers one of the best opening monologues, probably ever... Gregory Moss's script is full of relatable quirky moments... the play is very funny.

Molly Marinik, Theatre is Easy