gregory s moss
writer performer educator





(90 minutes; 2 M, 3+ EITHER)

Follow the adventures of Tim, an earthling trolling for a good time who falls through a portal to outer space where he is thrust in the middle of a battle for The Holy Gay Flame. Inspired by the life and works of Charles Ludlum, Live Faster is an absurdist sci-fi epic and wild allegory about Gayness in the 21st Century.


...fantastical and a Ludlum play, “I Promised Myself to Live Faster” has an outlandish plot... I relish this kind of comedy.

Elizabeth Kramer, The Louisville Courier-Journal

...this play does not disappoint. In a festival of plays where prestige and reputation matter so much, this production never takes itself too seriously. Campy and over the top, this is one Humana Festival installment that is a hilarious breath of fresh air.

Kate Barry, Arts-Louisville extravaganza... though there’s no shortage of over-the-top visuals - and I’m talking Day-Glo crawling anemones, headgear with silver Christmas-ball tentacles, and 2-foot-tall obelisks - there’s still a gentle beauty anchoring the piece... There’s something more to everything here, and it’s delivered fast, in heaps.

Wendy Rosenfield, The Philadelphia Inquirer

...a feast of one liners and comic allusions... the uninhibited script kept the audience laughing... masterful.

Marty Rosen, Leo Weekly if ...Alfred Jarry ...collided with a fierce, cosmic, outsize Alexander McQueen in a galaxy far, far away... The sophistication of the... concept contrasts with the gay abandon and spoofing comedy...

Kathryn Osenlund, CurtainUp absurd sci-fi epic with countless phallic symbols and absolutely no sense of “too much.” What more could you ask for?

Ninni Saajola, Phindle