gregory s moss
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(90 minutes; 2 F, 7 M)

A funny, frightening and darkly surreal meditation on childhood trauma, unexamined white American privilege, and the cannibalistic nature of celebrity, House of Gold tells the story of Jon Benet Ramsey in the afterworld, re-enacting her story over and over in hopes of finally getting it right.


...playwright Gregory Moss makes his epic intentions very clear. Over-the-top yet heartbreakingly real, [Jacqueline] Wright underscores the tragedy in Moss’ funny, creepy and surprisingly profound play.

F. Kathleen Foley, L.A. Times (Critic’s Pick)

A harsh and fascinating dream of a play...

Laura Hitchcock, Curtain Up Los Angeles

House of Gold is intense, illuminating and powerful. A+ for all.

Tracey Paleo, L.A. Theatre Review

...broad yet chilling...blends Eugene Ionesco with Christopher Durang...

L.A. Weekly (Critic’s Pick)

...there is enough thoughtful commentary here to elevate the proceedings, enough intriguing experimental devices (including live video projections) to make for a compelling production...The 90-minute one-act play is a surreal ride that’s surprisingly effective and even profound at times, finding more in the story than mere titillation. 

- Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post

[House of Gold] is successful in harnessing its brutality to invite introspection. It raises themes about whiteness, sexual fantasy and the quest for immortality. But most disturbing is the way it challenges the innocent nobility of what it means to rear children in America.

- Sarah Haas, Boulder Weekly

As an impressionistic exploration of evil, a take on the sheer horror of JonBenét’s murder, House of Gold is absorbing and effective.

- Juliet Wittman, Westword

On the whole, the effect is surreal and dreamlike — it helps remove the action from the real-life facts of the Ramsey case and place it in an allegorical framework. Bauer directs a skilled ensemble, actors that approach their roles with nuance and sensitivity."

- Adam Goldstein, The Daily Camera